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The golden touch try some 1980’s styles in your home

We really don’t know why people think that they only get comfort in modernism… like why? According to our thoughts old is gold!

Yeah we are in support of our statement “old is gold” the things which are old and traditional have their own taste and believe us you feel more good and comfortable in things having some ancient touch!

80s modern
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Source: Homedit
american living room
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stone wall decor
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In case of decoration of rooms or whole home you can throw some ancient touch on some specified places like in kitchen, in living room or in bed rooms even we are here to give you amazing knowledge about the redecoration of your room with traditional ideas you will get 100s of ideas on net dragging you to modernism by compelling you to waste 100s of dollars in expensive accessories and all that and the most surprising fact you follow these tips no doubt some tips are of worth value there and give your home an amazing look but most of these ideas are of no use and just waste of time and money!

So, we are here to give you knowledge with some different dimensions we can hope that you will enjoy this reading and will get the best of it!

Where you can put the golden touch areas to consider:

  • Powder room
  • Wash rooms
  • Cabinets
  • Chandelier
  • Backgrounds
  • Book cases and showcases
  • Accessories of your room
  • Small side tables
  • Sofas and cushions


You can use golden touch in some areas of your home like if your washroom is colorful, you can use wash-basins and tap color golden it will give your washroom a modern look

museum 1980s kitchen
Source: Businessinsider

In kitchen when your floor is of dark color like black marbled floor and maroon shelves you can think of having golden cabinets you will observe that there would be no awesome look then this contrast.

When your wall is simple you can use carved designs of golden color designs here it would result in nice look

Ferns 1980
Source: Huffington Post

Similarly for getting some best looks right there in your home you can use golden touch in accessories, wall papers and in form of patches on your sofas and cushions.

Now it’s a time to discuss like something professional before having a plan to retouch your home you must have to think about the condition of your home. You must have to consider following things first.

  • Location and worth of your home
  • Nature and condition
  • Space and area of your home
  • Number of rooms and walls
  • Furniture old or new one
  • Walls and their condition
  • Does your home need a repair before a light retouch?
  • Rugs and carpets
  • Flooring and ceiling
  • Budget and cost
  • Experience and expertise
  • Are you going to hire a decorator?
  • Time and time period
  • Color and color theme
  • Modern or traditional look

So, you must have to think calmly and deeply before taking an important step of retouching your home!

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